Mariela Gemisheva


Associate Professor Mariela Gemisheva, PhD, is a fashion designer and artist in the fields of performance, installation and art object. She teaches the disciplines „Fashion Design“, “20-century Fashion“ and „Fashion as spectacle“ to students majoring in Fashion at the National Academy of Arts. Mariela Gemisheva is known for her numerous off-kilter and memorable experimental solutions in the field of fashion and art performance. As part of international, group and solo projects Mariela Gemisheva has worked with curators such as Yara Bubnova, Maria Vassileva, Harald Szeemann, Peter Weibel, Eda Čufer, Roger Conover, Hedwig Saxenhuber, Nebojša Vilić, Gergana Moudova and many others. Some of her works are owned by museum institutions such as Sofia City Art Gallery, ESSL MUSEUM, Vienna, Gass Art Gallery, Torino, as well as by numerous other private and public galleries and collectors.



A Dream
Mariela Gemisheva

04.01.2021 - 06.01.2021