Craving Nothing

Boryana Petkova, Michail Michailov

08.07.2020 - 01.08.2020

Boryana Petkova and Michail Michailov. Carving Nothing

Boryana Petkova and Michail Michailov. Carving Nothing

Boryana Petkova and Michail Michailov are two artists whose paths often cross not just because of their similar fates as expat artists (they live in Paris and Vienna, respectively), but also owing to a shared interest in the way a work of art functions and develops. The body of work of both artists is determined by an in-depth yet minimalistic approach.

Petkova explores the boundaries of existence by experimenting with her own body, in order to ascertain to what extent the limitations are real and how many of these can be surmounted. М. Michailov also takes interest in the barriers our conscience places before us, often involving other people in performative actions so that he can observe their reactions and provoke them to explore their own barriers too. The two authors also meet in their fascination with the drawing – this most classic and primary technique able to elevate artistic expression to the highest levels of sincerity.

In the exhibition, created specifically for the space of Structura Gallery, Petkova and Michailov display that natural symbiosis through a collection of works, which exist on their own, but also easily interact with each other (a wounded canvas / a dripping canvas, up and down drawings, objects that can only function in the presence of two people such as two-man spinning benches or metal stands integrating lens from the eyeglasses of different people, which allow the audience to view the exhibition through the eyes of others).

The exhibition contains drawings, objects, a collaborative book of drawings by the two artists, a video showing an absurd attempt for a physical fusion between the authors. It draws the viewer’s attention to things that are indiscernible at first sight (dust, a plain pencil line), endowing them with new meaning and purpose.

The show’s title Craving Nothing is also a collective effort, with each artist coming up with a word that clearly and emphatically relates to his or her work.

Read more about the work of Boryana Petkova (b. 1985) and Michail Michailov (b. 1978) in the interviews with the artists below:

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The exhibition is supported by the Austrian Embassy Sofia.