Sabine Bitter / Helmut Weber


Sabine Bitter & Helmut Weber have collaborated since 1993.They have worked on projects addressing cities, architecture, and the politics of representation. Mainly working in the media of photography and video their research-oriented practice engages with specific moments and logics of the global-urban change as they take shape in neighbourhoods, architecture, and everyday life. Since 2004 they have been members of the cultural collective Urban Subjects US (Bitter/Derksen/Weber).

Recent projects and exhibitions include: “Work Show XXIII,” Photo Gallery Vienna (2018); FLUCA: Austrian Cultural Pavilion, Plovdiv (2017); “As a text differs from a book, an image differs from an archive”, Mackey Garage Top, MAKCenter Los Angeles (2017); “The Vienna Model. Housing for the 21st Century City”, Museum of Vancouver (2017); “Here & Elsewhere – Nothing to be done”, Sarajevo (2017); “What is left?” MuseumsQuartier Vienna (2016); “Informal Paths”, MAXXINational Museum of XXICentury Arts, Rome (2016); “Archives, Re-Assemblances and Surveys”, Klovicevi dvori Gallery, Zagreb, Croatia (2014); “Tensta Museum: Reports from New Sweden”, Tensta Konsthall, Stockholm (2013); “TIME, PLACE, ANDTHECAMERA: PHOTOGRAPHSAT WORK| Gjon Mili”, Kosova Art Gallery, Prishtina, Kosovo (2012); “Global Prayers”, Haus der Kulturen der Welt, Berlin (2012); “Communitas, The Unrepresentable Community”, Camera Austria, Graz (2011);


Structures of Thought
Sabine Bitter / Helmut Weber, VALIE EXPORT, Sonja Gangl, Maria Hahnenkamp, ...
Curator: Walter Seidl, in collaboration with Maria Vassileva

25.10.2018 - 08.12.2018