Pop-up Hip Hip Library at Structura Gallery

13.03.2018 - 31.08.2018

Structura Gallery is happy to host the pop-up Hip Hip Library.

Hip Hip Library introduces a cutting-edge selection of international independent publishers and various books from its collection and examines their role as a catalyst in the evolution of contemporary print media. The books will be exhibited within the space of Structura Gallery and will be openly accessible to visitors.

The selection of books and publications by Hip Hip Library is inspired by the density of colours, the inner world and figurative narrative in the present exhibition (Alla Georgieva “Life Is a Symphony”) in Structura Gallery. While the books “Disco cry” and “Dune” represent illustrated journals telling the lifelong artistic searches of Marianna Serocka and Alejandro Jodorowsky, the narrative in the editions of SSE: “Cut and pasted landscape”, “An unconscious journey” and “Full bloom” is much more abstract, but still the South Korean publisher succeeds to gather its 41 artists in the edition “The end of the world”. Everyone reveals their apocalyptic fears – death, salvation or connection to the divine is forthcoming after the end of the world?

On the other hand, in the photobooks “Mugshots”, “Dondoro” and “Bamako Photo-Rapide” we are observing a multifarious point of view to the genre of portrait and self-portrait expressed through the language of photography. The books “Strange plants I” and II by Zioxla publishing present the world of plants considering them as emotionally intelligent beings creating an atmosphere and telling a story by themselves.

The focus in the Finish newspaper “Kuti kuti” is to maintain comics as an art form in the contemporary art scene.