Blue Wave

Valentina Sciarra

27.11.2021 - 27.11.2021

Valentina Sciarra. Blue Wave, 2021, game book

Valentina Sciarra. Blue Wave, 2021, game book

Valentina Sciarra. “The blue wave” – book presentation and discussion with Valentina Sciarra, Victoria Staykova and Svetlozar Zhelev
Saturday, 27. November, 16:30 – 19:00
Part of the exhibition “Salt Free Tears”
“There is something weird today,
what it could be?
Nothing, I say to myself.
I begin reading this book,
alone in the twilight.
Only the written pages are lit.
i knew it would take just a few minutes,
like the first spinning of a carousel.
I know I will be able to read it again.
But not endlessly.”
“The blue wave” is a game book, written by Valentina Sciarra and accompanied by graphics, created by Victoria Staykova based on the author’s original drawings for the project; made as a complex object. The book embodies Sciarra’s belief that games are a key element in accepting the concept of death.
The game book is part of the exhibition “Salt Free Tears” – a project, created especially for Structura Gallery, dedicated to death as an extension of life. Disappointed by its denial, non-acceptance and misunderstanding, the artist tries to restore the relationship between the different elements of the cosmic cycle as it existed in ancient cultures.
Sciarra bases her study on historical references that prove the wisdom regarding the perception of death. The constructed belief systems and rituals support the process of deep and peaceful insight into the meaning of existence on earth and the journey of the soul beyond the limits of the corporeal.
The book i in an edition of 100 signed colour copies (50 BG + 50 ENG)