Leda Vaneva. Thin White Lines (2018- )

Leda Vaneva. Thin White Lines (2018- )

After thirteen years of active presence on the Bulgarian art scene, Gaudenz B. Ruf announced his last major project – the “Finale” exhibition.

The participating artists were selected after an open call and a competition. Bulgarian born authors or those living in Bulgaria up to the age of 40 were eligible to participate via presenting their current portfolio.

Of the 68 portfolios that were submitted, 10 were selected by a jury composed of Gaudenz B. Ruf, Adelina Popnedeleva (artist), Vessela Nozharova (curator), Zoran Eric (curator, Belgrade), Kalin Serapionov (artist), Kiril Vassilev (critic) and Maria Vassileva (curator).

The artists present works created specifically for the exhibition or projects under development: installations, objects, videos, paintings, drawings, sculptures and photography.

The “Finale” project is about some of the guiding principles of Gaudenz B. Ruf’s work in Bulgaria as well as about the dynamics of the art scene today. Competitions, support offered to the artists for the realization of new art works, creation of a professional team realizing the exhibitions – these are all parts of the model that he established over the years.To this list we will add the opening up of the competitions to Bulgarians living abroad as well as to foreigners residing in Bulgaria. This enriched and expanded seriously the field of potential participants to include many new names. The current exhibition does not betray the tradition, presenting artists who live and work in Sofia, Plovdiv, London, Paris, Rome, Helsinki, Amsterdam and Berlin. The “Finale” exhibition does reveal the Bulgarian art scene now – highly professional and diverse. This development could not have happened without the participation of many people, and especially without the consistent and generous efforts of Gaudenz B. Ruf.