03.10.2018 - 20.10.2018

Dimitar Traychev

Dimitar Traychev

Stalker Studio Initiative 

Artists and Designers of four generations (18-68) present over 30 poster projects for the play by Eugene Schwartz “The Dragon” – a fable on the embodiments of power. Editing, theatrical adaptation and directing: Yavor Gardev, production: Drama Theater Stoyan Bachvarov.  

The director Yavor Gardev and the art director Dimitar Traychev has made a selection of 22 projects by 12 artists:
Alexander Georgiev, Alisa Kuleshova, Dimitar Traychev, Ekaterina Schultz, Iskra Traikova-Kuleshova, Katherine Eftimova, Kiril Zlatkov, Maria Zafirkova, Milyana Stoilova, Mila Petkova, Slavyana Ivanova, Hristo Hristov. 

The aim of the initiative is to function as a reminder of the responsibility held by cultural institutions for shaping public attitudes in the public domain and that the products of graphic design, as part of the integrated communication system, regardless of the medium, are the fastest transmission between management intentions and the responses of the potential audience long before the event takes place. 

Production : Theater and Music Production Center – Varna 

Posters will also be displayed at Drama Theater Stoyan Bachvarov, Varna.