De / Constructing Perspectives

29.07.2019 - 29.07.2019

July 29th(Monday), 18:00 – 22:00h

An exhibition of contemporary artworks by young artists from all around the globe from two Bulgarian art residences – World of Co (Sofia) and IMAGO International Artist Residency.

World of Co Artist Residency: Based in the heart of Sofia, World of Co. is the first year-round international artist residency in Bulgaria. The initiative started in 2017 and until now, along with the Bulgarian participants, there are already more than 80 artists from all over the world. Projects created during the residency program were later exhibited in the USA, Canada, Australia and Switzerland. After their residency stay many of the artists came back and participated in individual exhibitions in different galleries and art spaces in Sofia.

Megan Shaw
Visual artist | Australia
Megan Shaw is an Australian artist from Perth who works with sculpture, utilizing a painterly methodology to redirect the alluring colors and textures of everyday materials. Shaw attempts to create new encounters between materials and the viewer, to disrupt culturally developed material and object hierarchies.

Sofía Hurtado Montes
Visual artist, illustrator & writer | Colombia
Her work explores repetition, patterns, obsession and recurrent organic movement in nature, using different techniques such as drawing, painting, printmaking and mixed-media she tampers on what is non-figurative and what is.

Jung-Ji Eun /Jieun Jung/
Interdisciplinary Artist | South Korea
Jung-Ji Eun creates poems and essays along with illustration about vivid moments coming from memorable experiences. These text and drawings are a attempts to understand the border of dream and reality.

MaryAnn Loo – PenguinGirl Art
Visual artist | Singapore
MaryAnn Loo (also known as PenguinGirl) is best known for whimsical paintings and illustrations of penguins.
In 2018, MaryAnn began “Project: 100 Dream Trees”, a mission to collaborate with 100 communities around the world and create 100 Dream Tree mural installations, symbols of an ideal space where all fulfil their aspirations together, and thus create a whole new world. She has currently completed five Dream Trees: in Lithuania, Latvia, Singapore and Spain.

IMAGO International Artist Residency is an international interdisciplinary residency with a main focus on contemporary art, based in the village of Tsarimir near Plovdiv. This is the first season of the project, realized by Radoslav Mehandzhiyski and Teodora Konstantinova – known in the artistic circles as founders of the independent platform for contemporary art and culture “Art and Culture Today”.
Their residents:

Galen Gibson-Cornell is an American contemporary artist from Philadelphia who explores our relationships with urban visual culture and, above all, the emerging and instantly disappearing characters and images in it, represented by advertising posters. The artist uses the posters as raw material and manipulates the images in them, creating wreaths of shapes and colors that sometimes turn into barely visible visual anecdotes, and sometimes exquisite objects of a purely aesthetic character. (

Elsa Duault is a French artist whose art has been increasingly popular in South Africa. Her specific technique can be described by the claim that she uses paint as paper. At first glance the image seems recognizable and accessible. But if we look at it, we will notice that we can hardly find out how it was created. The technique is expressed in the blowing of acrylic paints on glass, which are then converted into separate flat elements, after which they are collaged piece by piece directly on the canvas.

Jelena Djuraskovic is a Montenegrin artist whose work is the result of a consistent, meditative exploration of her personal feelings and emotions, letting all to the surface of her consciousness and transforming it into abstract and semi-abstract canvases filled with hidden symbolism.