From Alla Georgieva to Alla Vitta and back

18.07.2018 - 18.07.2018

Structura Gallery, 9, Kuzman Shapkarev str.

Alla Georgieva will present her work from 1997 till now, her projects with the artistic collective “8th March”, her public and personal activities, the large series and the intimate pauses, the life transitions and challenges and the journey from Alla Georgieva to Alla Vitta and back.

“Lately I am ever more interested in existential themes. Those eternal problems of human existence between birth and death that I am trying to see through the viewpoint of a female artist. The relevance of the artistic product is still my priority but I have certainly reconsidered its temporal value. Political art seems to me is rather monotonous because it is pinned down to a concrete political situation; it is also linked to the ideologies, the designers’ art – it is too popular and commercial. I am ever more moved by the personal, the individual, by all that, which makes us different and strictly individual.” – Alla Georgieva