Simeon Simeonov

28.05.2020 - 13.06.2020


Simeon Simeonov has always taken interest in classical art and the possibilities of its „awakening“ for new interpretation, far off from the commercialism of advertising. Past achievements in art symbolize humanity’s civilizational build-up as a whole, an image of what’s being accomplished, but also reflect our attitude toward it.

In his new installation, Simeon Simeonov once again places the past and the present in a mirror opposition. The artist takes one of the most classical forms – the head sculpture, and modernizes it using fragile materials (plaster) and anti-materials (plastic bags). The outline of the form is kept intact, but the mood is changed altogether.

The title Chamber alludes to the detached rooms in ancient tombs, which used to store the most valuable belongings of the deceased. The references continue in the wall drawing that consolidates recognizable signs of different epochs. Historical time and geographic areas are thus overthrown. They only serve as a frame, within which the image to be perceived. A blurred, decomposed image, the result of our own destructive activity, which, however, affects the past and the future as much as the present.

Simeon Simeonov (b. 1962, village of Dropla, Balchik municipality, currently based in Sofia) has graduated from the National Academy of Art in 1999, where at present he occupies the position of Chief Assistant at the Department of Drawing. He holds a PhD degree in Theory of Art and Visual Arts.