What is passing through me, I pass through it (2009-)

Kiril Kuzmanov

29.05.2018 - 30.01.2024

Kiril Kuzmanov: What is passing through me, I pass through it, (2009-)

Kiril Kuzmanov: What is passing through me, I pass through it, (2009-)

The work is an instalment from “Untamable Is the Wind” (2008-) – an independent project by the artist Kiril Kuzmanov, the first part of which came to a close in April 2010. The artist embarked on an eleven-month journey on land, passing through remote and urbanised areas in Turkey, The Republic of Kyrgyzstan, The Republic of Kazakhstan, The Russian Federation, The Republic of Altai, Mongolia, China, Tibet, Nepal, Lo Manthang, India, and Kashmir.

Kiril Kuzmanov has adapted his work especially for Structura Gallery’s space. The large format photography (447 x 750 cm), printed on textile and moved along by an automated curtain rail, covering the gallery windows facing the street, while a digital device is changing the vistas and contexts in a constant rhythm. The image was taken by the artist in the Nepal Himalayas. The exotic nature of the photographed scenery does not subscribe to any of the two realities – that of the exhibit space, and that of life outside. It serves as a buffer, and a challenge, making the contrast even more striking.

Structura Gallery is situated at an unusual location. Right across from the Sofia Central Post Office’s loading platform, the place where thousands of letters and packages begin their journeys, it offers a different kind of voyage – one that takes us not only into the artist’s world but also through the space and time between “here” and “there”. Kiril Kuzmanov’s project extends beyond the particular place and the given circumstances and speaks of the world as of a place that is complex and all too often perplexing to inhabit, a place where transitioning happens by passing through.

With the kind support of Gaudenz B. Ruf.