Process Anatomy

08.03.2022 - 31.12.2022

Photo: Mihail Novakov

Photo: Mihail Novakov

We are launching our next project: the Structura Project Room is a special space in the gallery dedicated to showcasing young artists. Curator under 35 selected by competition will realize 4 exhibitions in 2022. The initiative is developed within the framework of the one-year platform “HOW SOON IS NOW?”, supported by the National Culture Fund.

This year the competition for curator was won by Vasil Vladimirov. Expect the first exhibition at the end of March. Here we introduce the curator and the main aspects of the idea to be developed.

The “Process Anatomy” project creates a space for speculation on the seemingly unexplored territory and state of artistic research. A series of exhibitions will present existing works by four different artists. Rather than in their materiality and ‘finished form’, they will be present through ideas and references related to the artistic research and the process of making behind them. The gallery space will be transformed into a studio of sorts where viewers will be involved in a process of ‘reverse engineering’, tracing the research methods at the heart of the respective artistic practice.

Taking the focus away from the conventional way of displaying art in a gallery setting, the series of exhibitions will discuss the different manifestations of artistic research. For example, it will raise questions about the role of the artist working at the intersection between art and (social) science. Can and in what ways it can contribute epistemologically to these fields? More generally, how does artistic inquiry assist in articulating and understanding human experience?

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Vasil Vladimirov is curator and coordinator of the art program at KO-OP art space, Sofia, and works as a freelancer. He has a BA in Modern History and Politics, and an MA in Political Sociology. At KO-OP he facilitated: “Sweet & Sour Hour” (solo exhibition by Mihail Novakov), “The Future Will Come” (solo exhibition by Mitch Brezunek), “First Line” (solo exhibition and publication by Andrea Popyordanova), “NO ARTIST CAN PREDICT THE FUTURE?” (group exhibition with EEP Berlin), “Viriditas” (solo exhibition by Gergana Petrova). He has participated as a curator in the festivals “Month of Photography” in Bratislava and “International Photographic Meetings” in Plovdiv, and is the director of FIG. – a festival for illustration and graphics in Sofia. He is currently part of the Swimming Pool “Social Vision Centre” working group and is developing his own research project related to Bulgaria’s cultural heritage.