Artist talk with Aksiniya Peycheva

20.04.2022 - 20.04.2022

Aksiniya Peycheva. Tales of the Limit (detail)

Aksiniya Peycheva. Tales of the Limit (detail)

On 20.04.2022 at 18:00, as part of the accompanying programme to Process Anatomy #1: Tales of the Limit, Aksiniya Peycheva will talk about her practice in the context of interdisciplinary artistic research. The artist will focus on three separate projects, as well as Tales of the Limit, currently on view in the Project Room.

Aksiniya Peycheva is a transdisciplinary artist, based in Sofia, Bulgaria. The focus of her work is the process of ‘visual translation’ where she explores the possible ways of moving pieces of information between different fields of knowledge – ‘how one or several scientific fields can be combined in order to answer a question only important to art.’ She often collaborates with scientists, and her projects are also accompanied by a theoretical part, the result of a long study on certain topics, which include the topic of the visual translation of music or pain. Light, kinetic, interactive multilayered glass installations, her works contain different layers of information, using various scientific methodologies, which can be explored as an attempt to redefine the fields of knowledge and to rethink the initial need to set their boundaries.

The “Process Anatomy” is a curatorial project by Vasil Vladimirov which will explore the complexities of innovative art practices and their exploratory characteristics dissociated from a predetermined final object. A series of exhibitions will present existing works by four different artists. Rather than in their materiality and “finished form”, they will be present through ideas and references related to the artistic research and the process of making behind them.